Basic Grain Free Bread Recipe #GlutenFree


I can’t take credit for this recipe, as it’s an adaptation from The GAPS Book. I’ve never been a huge bread or pasta fan to be honest, but can imagine how difficult this diet would seem if you were. Thankfully nuts provide a fabulous grain free alternative to flours and are just wonderful in baked goods.

This bread comes out quite dense, and a couple of thin slices are very filling. It’s really tasty as is, with a drizzle of ghee or coconut oil, or with mashed avocado on the top. I’ve been playing around with different nuts, and am confident you could use any that you have. My favourite is 100g pecans, 70g almonds and 50g sunflower seeds.

Ingredients for a small loaf:

2 free range eggs
220g ground nuts
60ml melted ghee or coconut oil

– preheat your oven to 150c and grease a small loaf tin

– mix all ingredients together until well combined, then pour into the tin

– bake for an hour, and allow to cool before serving

– if covered any leftovers will keep for two days

Try this: add 50g chopped dates for a gorgeously sweet fruit loaf


10 thoughts on “Basic Grain Free Bread Recipe #GlutenFree

  1. I’ve just done a blog post on basic breads you can buy when #glutenfree I might have to try this for an alternative. I tend to buy GF bread for sandwiches etc. We aren’t doing GAPS though so aren’t at the taking processed carbs out yet. Working on it a bit.

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  5. Hi
    Finally managed to try out this recipe. Went for half pecan and half walnut – really, really good. Oh yes, added a couple of tablespoons of chopped figs to satisfy my sweet craving this afternoon. Thanks for the tip – delighted! My place smells of pecans too. Alex

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