GAPS Intro: Step Five, Days Four & Five


While re-reading some of the recipes in the book I realised that I accidentally jumped ahead of myself the other day! Technically you aren’t supposed to be adding sweetness until the sixth and final step, so I guess I’ve combined steps five and six and will just have to hope it’s okay. I haven’t been having a huge amount of sweet stuff – but I’ve been loving what I have had! I ate a pecan and date loaf over the course of three days (which had about 50g of dates in it), and I also ate about 200g of puréed apple and rhubarb over a few days.

Those were fine. Today I had a bite of 2yo’s banana, which instantly didn’t agree with me. I also picked at the leftover cherry crumble which I’d made for their desert. It was completely GAPS friendly and sugar free (just cherries, nuts and coconut – recipe to follow) and it was so yummy! I felt really naughty eating it though, like I was sneakily breaking the rules or something. I also just wanted to eat the whole lot, and had to use a lot of will power not to!




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