Strawberry topped chocolate pots (dairy free)


Avocado, cocoa and coffee may sound like an odd combination, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. I guess you could call this my version of a Gu pot, which is free from dairy and refined sugar. Topped with little slices of strawberry – the perfect flavour and texture needed to complete the desert. As I’m off chocolate and coffee it’s torture making deserts like these at the mo, but my hubby and guests really appreciate it which helps soften the blow 🙂

Ingredients (to serve six):
250g very ripe avocado
100g dates
100g pecans
50g cocoa powder
150ml coconut oil
50ml freshly brewed espresso
tbsp vanilla extract
tbsp honey
free range egg yolk
6 strawberries

– wash your strawberries and cut off the green tops. Slice each fruit into 4 pieces and set to one side

– blend all other ingredients until smooth then divide into bowls or glasses

– top with the slices of strawberries. Serve immediately or make in advance and store in the fridge

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Kiddie friendly ice lollies

I invested in a DIY ice lolly kit from Ikea and am really pleased I did – these simple treats went down a storm with my almost two year old and her friends yesterday afternoon. As always you can vary the fruit according to season and taste.

Ingredients to make 8:

400g punnet of ripe strawberries (washed, tops cut off)
2 bananas
300-400ml rice milk


– blend all the ingredients to smoothie consistency, use your discretion with the milk you want it to be fairly thick

– pass through a sieve to separate the pulp

– pour the liquid into the lolly holder and freeze for a few hours/overnight

Warning! Get the kidlets to eat them outside!!