Grated carrot & beetroot salad


On the run up to my little girls birthday party (which was only a few weeks ago but feels like a lifetime) we had some beautiful golden beetroot in our VegBag. I’d never even heard of it before last year, but am thrilled each time it appears now and can’t get enough of it!

It’s very beetrooty on the surface but golden yellow in colour once peeled, very sweet and doesn’t get you nearly as messy when preparing it as the traditional stuff does. Since starting to use beetroot as a salad base last winter, I’ve become very partial to this dish and it was a great success as side for the chicken drumsticks and sausages at the party. I made a mountain as you can see in the photo and it was all gone within half an hour.

All you need to do is grate equal amounts of raw, peeled beetroot and raw, peeled carrot (I did about a kilo of each), then add a big sprinkling of mixed seeds and dress with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar to taste. Completely delicious for any occasion. And if you can’t get hold of the golden variety, red beets work just as well.

If you have a grating function on a kitchen gadget use it! I was grating by hand for months before having a brainwave and throwing everything into my Vitamix. Now this dish literally takes seconds to create.


Warming Winter Salad


I can’t take credit for the basis of this salad – a dear friend put me on to it and I’m so pleased she did. I love the idea of mostly only eating seasonal ingredients, and here in the UK carrot and beetroot can be found everywhere. It’s a bit more time consuming than opening a bag of mixed leaves, but so worth it and very filling. Although a seemingly strange addition to this salad, the pear is definitely my ‘secret ingredient’ adding just the right amount of sweetness without over powering. Here’s what I’ve been eating daily for the past few weeks.

Ingredients (for one):
Large carrot
Med sized bulb of beetroot
Med sized pear
Large tomato
2 inch chunk of cucumber
2 mushrooms
Few florets of cooked broccoli
1 inch chunk of choriz0 (I cannot get enough of this)
Tin of mackerel (I love this)
Tbsp mayonnaise
Tbsp mixed seeds
2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
Tbsp good balsamic vinegar (I love this)

– peel and grate the carrot, beetroot and pear, dress with the oil and vinegar and mix well. Place at the bottom of a large bowl

– in a small bowl mix together the mackerel, mayo and seeds. Put to one side

– chop up all your other ingredients to taste (I like my bits quite small, hubby likes massive chunks, everyone’s different). Scatter on top of your grated veg

– place the mackerel on the top and lunch is served

**this salad can easily be adapted to whatever you’ve got kicking around in your fridge. For example instead of using mackerel just chuck in a handful of chopped leftover meat from last nights dinner. If you want to go veggie, roast up some parsnips and courgette in olive oil, salt & pepper and mix that up with a spoon of mayo for your topping. The options are endless…



Beetroot soup

We had a lovely large beetroot in our veg box last week, which I turned into a delicious and very substantial soup for lunch yesterday. It was so simple to make and really hit the spot. I love soup in winter time, absolutely can’t get enough of it 🙂

Ingredients for one xl bowl or two smaller ones served with bread:
– large beetroot (approx 200g); peeled, washed and cut into one inch cubes
– med red onion; peeled & quartered
– 2 lge or 4 sml cloves of garlic; left in their skin
– 300ml hot veg stock
– tbsp sesame oil
– tsp soya sauce (or tamari for GF)

– pre-heat the oven to 190/180 fan asst.
– mix the sesame oil and soya sauce together in a large bowl
– put the beetroot, onion and garlic into the bowl and coat well with the oil and soya
– place the veg onto a baking tray, cover with tin foil and roast for 45 mins
– remove from the oven, put the beetroot and onion into the blender and cover with the hot stock
– squeeze the garlic out of the hard skin, put into the blender as well
– leave for 5 mins to cool a little, this also allows the veg to soak up all the stock
– blend until smooth and serve immediately