Strawberry topped chocolate pots (dairy free)


Avocado, cocoa and coffee may sound like an odd combination, but I promise you won’t be disappointed. I guess you could call this my version of a Gu pot, which is free from dairy and refined sugar. Topped with little slices of strawberry – the perfect flavour and texture needed to complete the desert. As I’m off chocolate and coffee it’s torture making deserts like these at the mo, but my hubby and guests really appreciate it which helps soften the blow 🙂

Ingredients (to serve six):
250g very ripe avocado
100g dates
100g pecans
50g cocoa powder
150ml coconut oil
50ml freshly brewed espresso
tbsp vanilla extract
tbsp honey
free range egg yolk
6 strawberries

– wash your strawberries and cut off the green tops. Slice each fruit into 4 pieces and set to one side

– blend all other ingredients until smooth then divide into bowls or glasses

– top with the slices of strawberries. Serve immediately or make in advance and store in the fridge

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Breakfast of Champions


I love starting my day with this protein packed breakfast, as it usually keeps me going until lunchtime without the need to snack. If I’ve had a particularly difficult and sleep deprived night I’ll have two eggs instead of one.

large free range egg
tsp olive oil
4 mushrooms (peeled and quartered)
tomato (chopped into 16)
small avocado or half a large one
1 inch piece of natural chorizo (chopped into 16) – I love this

– drizzle the olive oil over the mushrooms and cook in a small saucepan with the lid on over a med-high heat for about two mins

– once they are cooked and have produced a bit of liquid, turn the heat down to med-low and add the chorizo and tomato. Cook for another few mins with the lid off

– turn the heat back up and add the egg. Give it a good whisk in the pan with a spoon, cook thoroughly and serve immediately with the avocado on the side


Primal Sushi?


I love Japanese food and completely adore sushi, but following a grain free diet means I’ve had to improvise massively in order to get my fix. Guess you could say this is the closest I’ll get to eating sushi now. This is a very yummy alternative to the white rice variety I have to say, and of course you can use any fillings you want… the possibilities are endless…

Ingredients for 12 pieces of mock-maki:

50g broccoli florets
50g cauliflower florets
Tbsp mayonnaise
2 pieces of seaweed nori – I like this
4 long strips of cucumber
Half a ripe avocado
Lashings of smoked salmon
Tamari, wasabi & freshly grated ginger to serve


– steam the broccoli and cauliflower for 8-10 mins until they are fork mashable

– once they have cooled down mash them up with the mayonnaise and avocado, and combine well

– take your sushi mat and put a sheet of nori on top, dip your fingers into a bowl of water and moisten the nori

– spread half the mixture over the nori, leaving a centimetre gap around the edges

– put an inch of smoked salmon to the left side of the nori all the way down, and top with cucumber

– roll up the nori very tightly from left to right

– cut into six with a very sharp knife and repeat

– serve with tamari, wasabi and freshly grated ginger