Second Week on the GAPS Intro Diet: What I Ate, How I Felt and the Effect it had on my Family 

Click on the coloured text for the background on how I’ve arrived at the need for GAPS for the second time in three years, and my first week on Intro blogs.

What I ate

Last week I moved through steps one and two of the six step Intro Diet quickly, because I didn’t have any digestive issues. No stomach cramps or problems going to the toilet. I was able to introduce eggs, avocado, home made sauerkraut, ghee, goats milk yoghurt, goats milk cream cheese and cows milk fermented double cream without any reactions.

This week I ate step three food, which was largely stock, soups, stews, boiled meat and the foods listed above. First thing in the morning I drink a pint of water. Then after being up for about an hour I change my water kefir grains and make my way through a litre, sometimes more – click here for more info on kefir. I also make a big jug of fresh herb and ginger tea to drink throughout the day. If I’m hungry for breakfast I eat scrambled eggs cooked in ghee with a big cup of stock. If I’m not too hungry (which is most days) I start drinking stock around 10am, and eat lunch around midday.

Lunches consist of boiled meat from the stock, sauerkraut and avocado drizzled with ghee. Dinners are slow cooked stews or blended soups. Check out this post on my other blog for recipe ideas.

I cannot recommend highly enough finding a cost effective way of sourcing bones for stock, either before starting GAPS or very shortly into it. I’m currently buying organic chicken carcasses for 75p at my local farmers market, and I’m going through six a week which enables me to drink 1.5-2L of stock each day and have plenty in the fridge for evening stews.

How I felt

Overall I felt great, and every time I saw anyone they commented on me having a glow and looking svelte. Sleep deprivation, due to the kids, has got really bad again though, which is understandably taking it’s toll. However, I was able to get up early ahead of the children a few times to crack on with writing, which I wasn’t able to do prior to going back on GAPS.

The weird leg rash has all but gone, and my skin is super clear.

The effect it had on my family

This is perhaps the hardest part. I naively thought I’d be so completely zen with the kids that my great mood would have started filtering down by now. Cards on the table: I haven’t been 100% zen, because challenging children are still, well, challenging. Whilst me doing this has undeniably been a good thing all round, it’s certainly not lead to such huge and noticeable improvements this quickly that I can shout from the rooftops about them. Change never happens fast, and I have to keep hold of this to remind myself that I’m doing a great thing for us all. Life will get easier right?!

My husband and I both had a booze free weekend, which was also fab. Clear headed, hangover free, uncaffeinated days really are a thing of beauty.

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