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I’m a happily married mummy with three little munchkins (two girls and a boy). I set up my original blog to share my views and insights into the world of parenting, and take little trips down memory lane and write about my own experiences growing up and how they relate to my life now.

In April 2014 I read a book called Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr. Natasha Campbell McBride. She claims that all auto immune disease (including food allergies) are down to an imbalance in your gut flora. Rather than having more beneficial bacteria in your gut than bad, the bad start taking over causing all sorts of problems. The imbalance leads to so-called Leaky Gut Syndrome whereby your gut lining becomes permeated, and food that you are eating flows into your blood steam and poisons your body.

Ever since learning about food in my early twenties, I have strongly believed in it being used to cure health problems. In 2006 I was diagnosed with PCOS and told by two doctors that I would need assisted fertility when the time came. After doing some independent research, it seemed my body had insulin resistance issues and could possibly lead to type two diabetes later in life. I decided to cut out processed carbohydrates and refined sugar from my diet, figuring it couldn’t do me any harm. Not only did I reverse my PCOS symptoms, but have naturally conceived three children. In fact my eldest and youngest were both pleasant surprises, and hubby and I were only trying for six months for our middle child.

Dr. Campbell McBride has devised a diet known as GAPS, and claims it to be a natural cure for a whole host of auto immune disease from autism to allergies. Click here for the official GAPS website, and further details. Myself and my 4yo daughter both suffer from a long list of allergies and intolerances between us, and have been playing the merry go round of exclusion diets for over two years now. The thought that we could embark on a diet that will cure us for life sung to me. So in a bid to do just that, we started GAPS at the end of April.

The eating regime consists of three parts: a six step intro diet, then a one to two year long diet consisting entirely of natural food. This means nothing processed whatsoever. No refined sugar or starchy veg, and no dairy unless it’s been home made and fermented. Part three will be transitioning off GAPS, and moving onto a sustainable for life way of eating.

I didn’t want my original blog to be completely taken over by GAPS, as I know not everyone has as keen an interest in food as I do and I don’t want them to be put off. So I have set this blog up, and everything GAPS will be under this roof.

I hope you enjoy reading about my journey. If you have any comments or questions I’d love to hear from you.

You can contact me at:
Or via twitter @mummytries


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