Choc coffee flavoured liqueur


My husband and I met and bonded over White Russians. We drank them daily in the throws of our courtship, whilst travelling around Asia. Oh my that does sound romantic 😉 Nine years, two kids and a dairy intolerance later, and unsurprisingly not many White Russians have been consumed! As a Christmas treat I made this coffee liqueur and we drank it with goats milk, tasted like an adult milkshake – divine.

Ingredients (for 750ml):
350ml vodka
500ml cold water
250g dark muscovado sugar
70g instant coffee
35g cocoa
2 tbsp vanilla extract

– bring the water and sugar to the boil, stir in the cocoa and coffee, reduce the heat and simmer gently for ten mins

– remove from the heat and allow to cool down

– stir in the vodka and vanilla and mix well with a small whisk

– pour into a sterilised bottle and store somewhere warm for a few weeks for the flavours to develop

– serve as is over ice or with full fat milk or cream for a delish boozy chocolatey coffee flavoured milkshake


Pan fried scallops with lime & pepper king prawns


I heard a lot of noise pre-Xmas about concerns over ‘staying primal’ over the holidays, but we managed to do very well in our house yesterday. I did fried eggs & smoked salmon for brekkie, followed by a two course late lunch around 4pm, and didn’t even have room for desert!

Ingredients (for two adults & a toddler):
100g mixed salad leaves
200g king prawns
200g scallops
Large knob of goats butter
Large fresh lime
Tbsp or so extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper

– put a handful of salad leaves on the plates and distribute the king prawns on top, dress with olive oil, the juice of half a lime and a few turns of freshly ground black pepper

– melt the goats butter over a high heat in a non stick frying pan, then arrange the scallops in a circle around the pan. Season with a little salt & pepper, and fry for 1-2 mins on each side

– remove from the pan and put on top of the salad in between the prawns, spoon the buttery juices over the top and serve immediately with a wedge of fresh lime


Rum Truffles


With Christmas around the corner I’ve been thinking of ways to ensure we don’t go without sweet treats, but don’t fall off the sugar wagon. I’ve been creating truffles this week, and have to say they are not bad at all! Super easy to make, and about as primal as you’re gonna get for this sort of thing.

Ingredients (for 24):
150g pecan nuts
75g unsweetened desiccated coconut
75g dates
40g cocoa
50ml dark rum
50ml coconut oil
50ml freshly brewed espresso
1-2 tbsp good honey (optional, to taste)
Tbsp good vanilla extract
25g each of cocoa & coconut for rolling

– either whiz everything together in a powerful blender until a dough forms, or chop the pecans and dates real tiny and mix with the other ingredients by hand until a dough forms

– lay out a large sheet of cling film and tip your mixture onto it.

– pack into a tightly rolled sausage shape and twist the ends, then refrigerate for at least an hour

– unroll the sausage and slice into 24 pieces

– mix together the extra cocoa and coconut on a large plate

– roll each piece around on the plate and into a little ball, then place your truffles in petit fours cases

– sprinkle the end result with a touch more coconut… The perfect Xmas treat or gift for friends


Home made mincemeat

I love mince pies but hate the sugar content in the mincemeat so decided to make some of my own this year. It’s had a huge thumbs up so thought I’d share the recipe.

500g bag of mixed dried fruit (I went for Sainsbury’s basics which has raisins, sultanas, and citrus peel, and is only 65p)
100g chopped mixed nuts
Sml-med size carrot (peeled & grated)
Sml-med sized apple (peeled, cored & grated)
200ml fresh juice (I went for pineapple, but you could use anything in your fridge; apple, oj, etc)
50ml dark rum

– mix all the ingredients together and store in the fridge. Let the fruit soak up all the liquid for a good few days before using