GAPS Intro: Step Five, Day One

I woke up this morning with the biggest hunger on me! Yesterday was my first completely meat free day since starting GAPS, so perhaps that had something to do with it? Anyhooooo, no time like the present for moving on to step five! Here’s what I had for breakfast:

– freshly pressed pineapple, carrot and spinach juice (which was *amazing* btw)
– 2 soft boiled eggs
– small slice of date bread and ghee
– cup of fresh, organic black coffee

Hubby took the girls out to stock up on supplies, and I spent two solid hours cleaning my tip of a house. Then baby needed a feed, and before I knew it, it was getting on for 2pm. I was ravenous and had a banging headache. A mug of stock and a chicken, avocado & fermented veg salad soon saw me right. I cracked on with my spring clean after lunch and it was 5pm in no time.

In the book you are advised to introduce cooked puréed apple as a first fruit. I already had some apple and rhubarb in the fridge that I’d made for the girls, so had a big spoon of that. It tasted like the sweetest, most divine thing. I guess a month of not having any treats will change your palate somewhat. I really enjoyed the bread this morning too, a small handful of dates went a long way.

Feels like I’m on the home straight now. I reckon by the time we enter June I’ll be on Full GAPS!



2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Five, Day One

  1. Popping over to visit the new blog! Wow, am impressed that you are living on stuff like that. I have a fairly restricted diet due to IBS, but never been brave enough to make my own juices. (And I’ve never been able to give up chocolate!)

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