GAPS Intro: Step Five, Day Two

I ate some fab food yesterday! I’ve worked out that my body likes to have a fairly late, large breakfast – which is the opposite to what I used to do just a few months ago. I now eat around 9am, after being awake for three and a half hours. Two fried eggs, a generous chunk of date bread & ghee, and a quarter of an avocado saw me through nicely until lunchtime.

We went to the farmers market bright and early, did our shopping then headed over to the awesome nearby playpark afterwards. The kids had a ball as they always do – more details over on my other blog on Tuesday. We took a picnic with us, and for my lunch I made a salad using fermented veg from the veg medley I made earlier in the week. Topped with 6 slices salmon gravadlax, a little cucumber, lettuce and fresh mint, it was absolutely delicious and very satisfying.

If this wasn’t enough it got even better. Seizing a rare opportunity to have an early family dinner I roasted a duck, then chucked in some cauliflower and butternut squash towards the end to soak up all the yummy juices. Served with a green veg & ghee mash, it was quite possibly the best roast dinner I have ever eaten. I savoured every single morsel, and spent longer chewing than I usually do. It was so good 🙂

As we’d eaten early I got peckish a few hours later, and had a handful of leftover duck and cup of stock followed by the last of the apple & rhubarb puree for supper. I have to admit to feeling stuffed come bedtime, but not uncomfortably so. I needed the loo as soon as I got up this morning, which doesn’t usually happen (but it was solid which has to be a good thing, right?).

Although I really enjoyed the food, I think I’ll stick to my clear soups with meat and veg for dinner this week. My aim is to transition over to Full GAPS at the weekend, and I don’t want to jump ahead of myself and have to go backwards. Feels like I’m learning lots about my body at the moment, I’m finding it fascinating. GAPS really is a journey!


4 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Five, Day Two

  1. The pictures on your new blog look absolutely delicious. I particularly like the idea that the food in them is all so tasty and filling. It almost seems like you should be gaining pounds on this diet, but presumably that is not the case?

    • It’s the opposite Denise! As you know GAPS isn’t about weight loss for me, but I’ve certainly lost those last couple of pesky kg,s that have been lingering since becoming a mum 🙂

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