Choc coffee flavoured liqueur


My husband and I met and bonded over White Russians. We drank them daily in the throws of our courtship, whilst travelling around Asia. Oh my that does sound romantic 😉 Nine years, two kids and a dairy intolerance later, and unsurprisingly not many White Russians have been consumed! As a Christmas treat I made this coffee liqueur and we drank it with goats milk, tasted like an adult milkshake – divine.

Ingredients (for 750ml):
350ml vodka
500ml cold water
250g dark muscovado sugar
70g instant coffee
35g cocoa
2 tbsp vanilla extract

– bring the water and sugar to the boil, stir in the cocoa and coffee, reduce the heat and simmer gently for ten mins

– remove from the heat and allow to cool down

– stir in the vodka and vanilla and mix well with a small whisk

– pour into a sterilised bottle and store somewhere warm for a few weeks for the flavours to develop

– serve as is over ice or with full fat milk or cream for a delish boozy chocolatey coffee flavoured milkshake



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