How Are You Feeling?

2014-04-23 17.23.51

After writing this post about how well the baby was doing with his food and sleep it all went to pot again. The very same day that I pressed publish he reverted back to waking up every couple of hours, and for the past week he has been up between four and six times every night wanting milk. This of course has a knock on affect to how hungry he is for his breakfast, and he doesn’t eat a huge amount because he has a belly full of the good stuff. It’s a tricky cycle to break when you live in a noisy house and don’t want to wake your other two kids up. We’ve fallen into bad habits I guess, and I’m sure if Gina Ford could see me in the middle of the night whipping bubs out of his cot before he starts screaming the house down, and putting him straight on the boob she would be rolling her eyes and tut tutting at me!

This week has been particuarly brutal so far because the poor little mite has a nasty cold. The kind where thick snot streams out of his nose after every sneeze, and his breathing sounds like an old man’s. Last night was our worst yet – I had been asleep for about half an hour when baby boy woke for the first time (10:33pm to be exact). I fed him and tried to settle him back down in his cot but he would not go back to sleep. He finally settled in the bed between hubby and I, but was awake again before midnight. Cue the second feed. This continued a few more times, and the next time I looked at the clock it was almost 4am. I finally settled him back in his cot, and he was up for one more feed between then and getting up for the day at 6:40am.

When I talk to my friends about this level of sleep deprivation they can hardly believe I am able to function. I can hardly believe it myself some days. I’ve said it before and will continue to say it again and again though – I put it down mainly to my super clean diet. GAPS really has changed my life, and I would seriously recommend reading Dr. Campbell McBride’s book to anyone sitting on the fence, thinking they need to make their eating habits healthier.

When asked the question “how are you feeling” my response is genuinely “good, thanks” because I am. Although I must admit today was a two coffee day. A girl’s gotta have some vices right?



23 thoughts on “How Are You Feeling?

  1. I bet today was a multiple cups of coffee kind of day. What a night you’ve had! I hope he settles. I am sure you know this trick but whenever one of my little ones has a bad cold, I put lots of Vicks under both feet with socks on top. I also put a bowl of boiling water with a get drops of Olbas oil out of their reach. It works for us 😉

  2. Oh dear poor you! This sounds dreadful…I really don’t know how you do it. I am not sure if you are allowed really dark chocolate on your diet but the thing that gives me a kick is adding about 50g chocolate to 50ml or so of water and boiling gently until it thickens. Corr, it is a great kick up the behind!!!

  3. I totally feel your pain. Please don’t spend another moment dreading what Gina Ford would think. You sound as though you are doing exactly what any other mother would do when you need sleep. And the rest of the family need it too! Hope things settle down soon for you x x x

  4. Oh god this sounds like my worst nightmare! That’s a lot of wakings, it’s amazing you can function at all! However, I do second that if you’re looking after yourself eating and drinking-wise, then you are able to cope with what life throws at you so much better. I’ve given up the wine now (was drinking a lot!) and feel AMAZING. I might have a couple of G&Ts on a night out, but effectively since quitting alcohol 4 weeks ago (which is a big thing for me!) I sleep better, my mood is better and my body just feels better i.e. less tired. Hope you get some better sleep soon lovely! xx

  5. Oh, those are the worst nights! That kind of sleep deprivation is just torture. I’m glad to hear you’re coping so well though. To be honest, you really do have to just get on with it anyway, when you have other kids there’s not a lot else to do! I do hope you have a better night tonight xx

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  7. It amazes me how you cope but I guess your diet really does have the most beneficial effects. I can totally understand not wanting to wake up the sleeping girls too – that would just compound things, eh? Colds definitely seem to be kicking in round here too 😦 X

  8. Sleep deprivation is the pits but great to read you are coping and the diet is helping, always go with your gut and get some disco naps in if anyone can help! Hugs! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts x

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