A Weaning Update: One Month On

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It’s been well over a month since I wrote about starting the weaning process for my then 24 week old. Shortly after that he got sick so weaning went on hold for about a week, and it’s now been a month since he’s been properly eating food.

First time round with my 5yo I did what all the books say to do, and her first meal was baby rice mixed with breast milk. She was not impressed with it at all and spat most of it back out. She also point blank refused to be spoonfed which forced us down the traditional baby led weaning road – toast slices, soft fruit and veg. She loved weetabix back then and we’d crumble them up, mix it with a little rice milk and create tiny truffle-like balls for her to easily pop into her mouth.

I think BLW scared me initially for obvious reasons – the mess, the fear of choking, the mess, worrying that she’d not be eating enough, oh and did I mention the mess? You get used to it though, and after a short while it became part of our routine. I think it’s great for their fine motor skills, and encouraging them to eat real food early on.

Second time round we went straight for Paleo BLW (no grains, dairy or refined sugar) and 2yo’s first meals were big chunks of tender meat that had been in the oven for hours, along with slices of avocado and roasted root veg. Again she was very opposed to being spoonfed and wanted to do it all herself. Even now she won’t let me feed her, no matter how hard I try to gee her along sometimes.

I don’t know why I thought things would be different third time round. I guess if I’m honest I got caught up in the hype of ‘boys being easier’ which is what everyone loves to tell you when you’ve got girls already and a blue bubba. I’ve been told time and again where food is concerned that boys aren’t fussy and will just take it in whatever form it comes. Clearly they have never met my son. He is as bloody minded and determined as his sisters and absolutely refuses to be spoonfed too. He is also the messiest eater I have ever encountered!

I pureed soups and stews for about a week until it became apparent that it was a lost cause. Now he just has his food in big chunks on his high chair tray. The mesh feeder in the photo above is a life saver as it helps to ensure he’s actually eating the food and not just covering himself in it.

Here’s a typical GAPS menu for a 6-7 month old baby:

Freshly pressed carrot and beetroot juice
Lightly cooked egg yolk with ghee or coconut oil
Mesh feeder filled with mashed banana and avocado

Tender meat from stew or casserole
Boiled chicken from my stock
Roasted root veg
Chunks of avocado

Home made apple or pear puree, mixed with home made yoghurt and/or raw egg yolk
Squished berries or grapes
Quartered plums
Home made jelly

Baby boy is almost 7 months now and overall weaning is going well. He’s also (dare I say it) finally sleeping a bit better after a torturous month of waking up on average five times a night! He loves his food and is a joy to watch eat. The only problem I find is that I can’t get much into him when we’re out and about, so am trying to be home most mealtimes. I bought some empty Ella’s Kitchen type pouches so I can put my own food inside, but he hasn’t mastered them yet. Once he has it’ll all get much easier I’m sure 🙂







18 thoughts on “A Weaning Update: One Month On

    • I buy free range eggs from a local farm, super fresh and fantastic quality. Apparently raw egg yolk is one of the most nutrient dense natural foods on the planet, and comparable with human breast milk in its digestability (not sure that’s a word!) Baby boy is doing really well on them, and it’s working for us but I was very cautious in the early days and constantly monitoring for signs of allergy. The official party line on weaning is so contradictory to be honest, I’m not really taking any notice of it and instead am following Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS advice 🙂

  1. What a happy looking boy! I love that he’s eating such a varied diet at such a young age.
    Boys easier and not fussy? They haven’t met my son either! It’s only at 13 that he is finally starting to try foods. I also have a fussy daughter, who is still very much not trying foods!

    • Oh no! Hope he becomes more adventurous soon Sarah and your girl! My middle girl is a fuss pot, but I think it’s because I’ve been much more relaxed about giving her pudding even though she hasn’t eaten her mains… she gets away with murder in comparison to my eldest!

  2. He looks like he is enjoying his food. Your menu sounds yummy too. Never thought of trying a mesh feeder if they won’t let you help with the mashed stuff. Sophie’s pretty good with finger food but not always so keen on being spoon-fed anything.

    • Thanks so much lovely. Sleep was good for about three nights and has gone to pot again, ho hum. Hopefully he’ll just surprise us one night and sleep all the way through then do so every night afterwards…

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