Three Monthiversary on the GAPS Intro Diet


It’s been four months now since I read a book that changed my life Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) by Dr. Campbell McBride. The premise being that all psychological issues start in the gut as a result of disproportionate levels of bad gut bacteria and leaky gut. For a busy mum of three who averages two novels a year, I found the time to read this in just two days.

It was fascinating and made so much sense to me. I’ve suffered with food intolerance forever, and have been playing merry go round with elimination diets for years now. The book claims that there is a permanent solution to cure intolerance and allergies for good (as well as a whole host of other, far more debilitating conditions). First up you follow the six step GAPS Intro Diet to heal to seal the gut lining, followed by the super strict Full GAPS Diet until symptoms are a thing of the past. Please click the hyperlinks for more details about what it entails.

This completely natural way of eating has no wiggle room. You aren’t allowed grains, shop bought dairy, starchy veg, refined sugars or anything processed at all. You need to be eating lots of home made probiotic rich fermented foods such as sauerkraut, yoghurt and kefir. It would take commitment, organisation skills and a whole lotta faith. It wouldn’t be easy, but the good stuff never is! I’ve always loved a challenge* anyway.

After a month of research and preparation I took the plunge and started GAPS Intro. Three months later, a few mistakes made along the way and a fair bit of emotional turbulence I’m still going strong. I am convinced I have done the right thing, and my body is healing. It’s not going to happen overnight, and even if I’m still on the intro diet come Christmas time then it certainly won’t be doing me any harm.

If I was giving advice to someone considering GAPS, it would go a little something like this…

– always be one step ahead of where you think you are, preparation is the key to success.

– listen carefully to your body for reactions and lay off foods if you think they are not agreeing with you. I tried introducing natural sugar into my diet several times before I was finally successful, which has only been in the last week. I’m now eating fresh fruit daily, and my frozen fudge or avocado ice cream or cupcakes (recipes to follow) as a treat after dinner.

– be prepared to change the way you think about something a lot!

– complete denial of all the things you love will only make you miserable! I had a coffee as a birthday treat last week, and didn’t react adversely. Seeing as my nights have been brutal with baby waking up five or six times a night this week, I figure I need some help. One coffee a day will not hurt me

– don’t set targets and allow yourself as much time as your body needs to heal. I originally thought I could race through intro in a month, then go onto full GAPS. I went from feeling utterly fab to totally crap, and went back to the very start of the intro diet and following it to the letter. In trying to cheat I essentially wasted six weeks!

– buy the very best ingredients you can afford, especially in the earliest days of intro where you are mainly drinking stock. You need the nourishment from what comes out of the bones and if those bones are from factory farmed animals, they are going to be full of chemicals, antibiotics and goodness knows what else.

– ditto supplements. I can highly recommend the 14 strand advanced probiotic by Bio Kult as well as Green Pastures fermented cod liver oil

– regular internal cleansing will provide a well needed boost!

If you have any kind of autoimmune disease, thyroid dysfunction, food intolerance or have a child that does, I would urge you to read the GAPS book and at least have a think about the diet. You have nothing to lose, and potentially everything gain 🙂


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67 thoughts on “Three Monthiversary on the GAPS Intro Diet

  1. Its been really interesting reading all about your journey and I can see its made such a big difference to you. I missed what GAP stood for and initially thought it was just another diet. Its much more than that though isn’t it? Well done to you on getting massive results from it all, it sounds life changing.

  2. This sounds really interesting and really difficult (mainly drinking stock?!?!)! Respect for keeping it up and realising it was what you needed. I’m the same regards reading 2 books a year but I do find diet books really interesting, so I can get how you managed to read it so quickly – you just want to get started!

    I wish you the best of luck with it all and hopefully you’ll be able to enjoy a bit of turkey at Christmas!


  3. I really do find the GAPS diet you are on totally fascinating! My gut reaction is that it sounds like hard work and I’m not sure I could do it…. But I am lucky that I have never really had food intolerances and the rubbish that comes with them, so I can understand that if you are suffering then it is totally worth the effort. I am really pleased it is working for you and really hope it continues to do so! Xx #brilliantblogposts

  4. It’s great that it’s making such a difference and I totally commend your commitment to this. I would find it extremely tough but you bring such a positive attitude to it all so well done lovely xxx

  5. Wow, what a challenge indeed! I haven’t been reading many blogs recently so I’m sure I have lots of your posts to catch up on, sounds like you’ve been really busy! Glad that you are making progress on GAPS and hope it really gives you a good solution. X #PoCoLo

    • Thanks so much Kat, I really hope so too! I’m certainly benefiting from such a clean diet, and GAPS becomes easier and easier the longer I follow it 🙂 Hope you had a lovely holiday xx

    • Thanks Jocelyn, it’s certainly been a journey and is by no means anywhere close to being finished yet! I was chuffed at successfully introducing natural sugars, having little treats is lovely 🙂

  6. I found this post really interesting.
    I’ve been thinking of sorting my diet out for a while..I’m convinced that I am intolerant to certain foods and these foods are definitely making my menopausal symptoms much worse.
    They say we are what we eat and I think that’s true.
    Time to make some changes methinks.
    Glad to hear your journey is going well. Good post! X

  7. 3 months already! Wow, you have come a long way hun! I have no idea how you do this but also admire your determination: you are one strong lady! I am looking forward to the avocado ice cream recipe! xx

  8. You know I think you are amazing for being so dedicated to this, and it’s great to hear how positive you still are about the diet and the changes you’ve made. I hope it continues to go well x Thank you so much for linking to #ThePrompt and huge apologies for taking so long to comment, it’s been a very busy couple of days!

  9. It is clearly a huge challenge but you make it look easy through your commitment to it and your obvious love of spending time in the kitchen and experimenting with food. Vicki’s right – it is inspirational. X

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  11. Well done on your challenge! Food is something I have a very love/hate relationship with and have struggled with growing intolerances and flare ups of intestinal dysfunction for around 4 years so I would love to try something like this, especailly as you make it sound so easy (I know it isn’t!)
    Love reading about the diet and how it’s going for you. x

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    • I’m not an expert Kate, but from what I’ve read I really think GAPS could help you and your family. I would be utterly thrilled to have inspired you, and learn later on that you have seen results. Please do keep me posted xx

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