Weaning my baby the GAPS way


My boy is 23 weeks old on Friday, and a very hungry baby. He would happily feed all day given half the chance, and his eyes have been following hubby and I intently while we eat for a while now. Although he isn’t quite six months, I decided to start weaning him onto solids last Wednesday. I say solids, but actually first off it’s the same clear stock that I’ve bee drinking all this time.

I’m following Dr. Campbell-McBride’s GAPS 10 week weaning guidelines, and because he’s under six months have decided to do two weeks on week one. So my little fella had a few teaspoons of stock on his first day, and I’ve been increasing the amount each day.
Today he’s had 100ml three times, and he absolutely loves the stuff! He grabs at the beaker and sucks furiously on the teat. He drank about half this way, and I held the cup up to his mouth with the lid off for the other half.

Both my girls were quite difficult to wean, so it would be fab for him to be nice and easy. Next on the list is freshly pressed carrot juice and home made yoghurt, which we’re going to try tomorrow. Can’t believe how fast my littlest is growing up!

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12 thoughts on “Weaning my baby the GAPS way

  1. They sound great weaning foods.  I never got mine much interested in drinking – they massively preferred breast milk.  But it might have been different with tasty nutritious stock as opposed to plain water.


    • This one is very fond of his milk too Denise 😉 he’s taken to waking up on average six times a night for the past week, and wants feeding all the time at the mo… hopefully with the introduction of food, we’ll see him settle back down real soon. He’s now having home made yoghurt, fresh carrot juice and probiotics now. Where did the last six months go??!!

  2. I started the GAPS weaning with my 7 mo. She says to start with bone broth. My baby has had diarrhea for three days and started developing a nasty rash. He was solely breastfed and probably doesn’t have worms at this stage. Any thoughts?

    • So sorry to hear this, it’s really disconcerting when the little ones get tummy bugs. It could just be a coincidence, or that baby is very sensitive after being soley breastfed? I’m not a doctor so can’t give medical advice, but if the diarrhea continues you should consult with your GP. Very best of luck x

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