The S Word…

Last Thursday, after about a fortnight on step four, I felt the time had come to move to step five.

We went to Battersea Park for a picnic on Saturday. They had a lovely little jazz festival on in their bandstand, with various stalls selling food and drinks. Among them was a mobile ethical coffee van also selling juices and smoothies made from scratch. I spotted a rare opportunity to buy something that would be completely GAPS legal and I pounced on it! I had a small (200ml-ish) ‘veggie reviver’ made from carrot, beetroot, cucumber and mint and it was absolutely delicious. I drank it as slowly as I could – which admittedly could have been slower – but it was so refreshing in the heat.

Within ten minutes I felt nauseous and light headed, not great when you have a five month old baby strapped to you. Then I couldn’t stop yawning and had to have a sit down. I felt like someone had smashed me over the head with a hammer. Carrots and beets are fairly sweet as veggies go, so I’m thinking it was a classic sugar reaction. First comes the rush, then comes the crash…

While we’re on the subject of the S Word, I don’t think I’m tolerating it well at all. The first part of step five is adding pureed apple – which was uneventful, no reactions. Next up is increasing your honey intake, so I made some little frozen fudge balls (super easy and absolutely amazing, recipe to follow). Each one has about 2g of honey in, and I was having three pieces each day. Although this only equates to just over a teaspoon a day, eating them sparked off a sweetie chain reaction which made me crave more sweets. Which I didn’t have, and it left me feeling really low. I also noticed I was even more hungry having them in my diet, and I was already ravenous anyway. Totally natural and to be expected when you’re exclusively breastfeeding a chunky baby, but even I was shocked by it.

This past week has also seen me bloated, windy and leaving behind nasty smells in the loo. I’m convinced that sugar is the culprit, so I’ve stopped the honey, fruit and juices today (Wednesday). I’ll monitor how I’m feeling over the next week and see if it’s made a difference. I think it’s safe to say that I’ll be staying on step four for a tad longer. And that’s just fine. As I said before starting intro for the second time, I am in no rush and am determined to enjoy the healing process this time round.

GAPS is all about listening to your body. If something I’ve recently added into my diet isn’t agreeing with me then it has to be removed again. I have faith that I’ll be able to successfully reintroduce it once my gut has healed. It took 35 years, a very poor early diet, years of taking the pill and a lot of party related abuse to get me into this state. It’s not going to heal over night!

On a brighter note I ordered a food dehydrator and am seriously excited at the new possibilities it’ll bring to my kitchen 🙂

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10 thoughts on “The S Word…

  1. Wow, I’ve thought about getting a food dehydrator – drying my own bananas.  Although obviously that would be no good for you, too sugary.

    You’ve reminded me of that always hungry feeling when breastfeeding – it’s weird, you would never think that it would be a burden, but finding food all the time actually gets a bit boring.


    • I’ll let you know how I get on Denise. The main reason I’ve bought it is because apparently soaking nuts then properly drying them out removes all their toxins. As we eat so many nuts in this house I felt it has to be done.

      Breastfeeding hunger (in the first six months) can not be underestimated! It’s fine as I’m used to it, but I’d be lying to say I’m not looking forward to weaning this one onto food. Following Dr. Campbell-McBride’s advice of course 🙂

  2. I looked into getting a food dehydrator, as try to eat healthy – most of the time – and thought it would be good for drying fruit and vegetables to use as snacks….I would be interested to read a post on what you think of the food dehydrator if you get one.

    We do make biltong in a dehydrator box that my husband made, but I’m not sure if it would work for fruit and veg.

  3. Thanks for sharing, my body used to be super sensitive to sugar, it still is but loves most fruit (I have to eat bananas and very sweet fruit with yoghurt or some protein to balance)-keeping a food diary with reactions might help you. Have you tested for diabetes? Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

    • That’s interesting to hear you say you have to balance out the sweet fruit with yoghurt or protein, I’ll remember that. GAPS is all about monitoring your intake and watching for reactions. Having PCOS and insulin resistance means sugar is my nemesis – I know you’ll know how I feel as you’ve mentioned that you have it too.

      As I said in the post, I’m confident that once my gut is fully healed I’ll be able to start introducing fruit and natural sugars again. I don’t intend to cut it out entirely long term as it can cause all sorts of problems.

      I know that I feel better this week than I did last week, so will continue as is for a wee while longer.

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