An update from step four

It feels like I’ve been neglecting this blog a little, but those who follow my other blog will know it’s been a tough few weeks in the Mummy Tries House. I’ve had to take my eldest off GAPS in preparation of her colonoscopy and endoscopy next month, because unless she has been eating a full gluten containing diet we won’t get an accurate coeliac assessment. It’s put me in a tricky situation, because I’m pretty sure whatever we are told GAPS will still be the answer. My husband and I have come to the conclusion though that it would be foolish to not know exactly what we’re up against.

As for me, I’ve now been back on GAPS Intro for three weeks, and am currently on step four. I’ve been slowing increasing mine and the girls’ probiotic supplement and am taking a whole capsule and them half each. I don’t want to overdo it and end up dealing with die off. I’ve got into the habit of eating fermented veg or sauerkraut every time I have protein too, which can only be a good thing. I’m continuing to feel fairly energetic considering my day starts at 4-5am. People are forever telling me how well I look, and how gorgeous my skin is – which believe me I haven’t been complimented on for years!

I’m still really enjoying gravadlax when I’ve got salmon, and avocado has become my favourite food. I think I went a bit mad on nuts last week (too damn tasty!) so am giving them a break this week. Really got into making goats milk yoghurt, and the kids are loving it. Next up is cheese as soon as I can find something suitable for dripping it. I’ll be following this fab looking recipe.

My baby (almost five months) has always fed lots during the day, but I think he was growth spurting last week as he was permanently attached, and also waking for three night feeds. This resulted in my appetite going through the roof. A whole chicken was only lasting me two days. Now that he’s settled back down I’m really hoping to only need to eat a normal amount of food.

I’ve asked hubby to book me a colonic for my birthday present. Strange lady I know, but I used to have them fairly regularly before having kids and feel the time has come to have a good clear out!

That’s all from me folks, hope you’re having a fab day 🙂


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