My GAPS Intro Survival Kit


Preparation is the key to success on GAPS, especially on the Intro Diet

As I mentioned over on my other blog I went to a tea party hen do on Saturday. My soon to be married friend is almost six months pregnant, so her mates thought it would be nice to throw her a toned down gathering to celebrate. It was a lovely little party, and they had gone to such a lot of trouble for her.

I had spoken to my friend about GAPS when I first started Intro at the end of April, but got in touch with her specifically about it a few weeks back. I was starting to panic about this do, and also her wedding. Having allowed myself to be caught out previously, and paying the price by going back to the start of the Intro Diet, I didn’t want anything else like that to happen this time round. I told her that I’d be bringing my own food and flask of stock, and asked her to let her friends know so they didn’t think I was rude or weird!

Here’s what I took with me: 
1l flask of chicken stock
Tupperware containing boiled chicken
Big salad of salmon gravadlax, sauerkraut and a whole avocado
Pure organic peppermint tea bags

The wedding itself is in three weeks time, and fortunately for me the meal is a hog roast so I’ll be able to eat meat and some of the salad by then. I’ll have to take stock with me of course, and also a bag of food for the train journeys and breakfast at the hotel. Nuts are now back in my diet (step four of six as of today, woo hoo!), so I’ll take a big bag of cashews, as well as a whole jar of sauerkraut, Tupperware of boiled chicken and a few boiled eggs.

I’m still feeling a bit nervous about it truth be told, but I’m sure it’ll be completely fine. I’ve said it before, and it was reiterated by Natalie Lamb in her guest post – preparation is everything when you’re on GAPS 🙂

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