Step One Intro DONE!

Anyone that follows this blog will know that I had a set back a couple of weeks ago, caused by being in too much of a hurry to progress to Full GAPS. For the purposes of my own sanity I made the decision to go back to the very start, and follow The Intro Diet to the letter. Last time round I kept my breakfast of two boiled eggs, along with one cup of black coffee in the morning. This time round I have only eaten boiled meat and veg, and drunk litres of fresh stock and fresh ginger and mint tea.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t find the first two days of this week really difficult. I don’t know if it was getting used to the lack of caffeine, or just general bad vibes caused by small children up to night time antics, leading to sleep deprived meltdowns the following day. Perhaps it was a combination of both, with some detoxing thrown into the mix? I was wandering around like a bear with a sore head to be honest. By Wednesday I started feeling better though, and on Thursday I was fighting fit and back in the game. Yesterday was fab, and I continued feeling great today. It’s such a relief as I was worried I had done myself a mischief!

I came across as a fab GAPS success story, which is always heartening – do have a read of Healing Through GAPS yourself.

Today I moved onto step two of six, which means I can start adding eggs and ghee to my daily diet. As well as casseroled meat and veg, and home made gravadlax (my favourite). I had two egg yolks at different times today, a tsp of ghee, and have just eaten lamb casserole for dinner. So far so good, hopefully I’ll move onto step three on Thursday.

I’m glad I made my mistakes so early on in my GAPS journey. Going back to the start six weeks in was fine, but it would have been torture if it was six months later.



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