Back To The Start

Health in a bowl - aka fresh home made stock with loads of veggies

Health in a bowl – aka home made soup with fresh stock and loads of veggies

Last week I posted about how I veered off the GAPS track slightly, and felt pretty crappy as a result. Subsequently I set myself three additional challenges: give up coffee and booze indefinitely, and no sweet treats no matter how healthy they are.

I spent all last week weaning  myself off coffee, and Sunday was my first day without any at all. I’m pleased to report the slow wean method meant I didn’t get any nasty headaches, so that was a win. The closest I’ve come to eating anything sweet was tasting a teeny bit of the mixture when I was making the girls grain free flapjacks, and I’ve not even had a sniff of alcohol. I was true to my word, even though I found it harder than starting GAPS in the first place.

I intended to go back to step four of the intro diet on Monday this week, but decided instead to go back to the very beginning. My day has been starting with a pint of water and my probiotic supplement, shortly followed by a glass of goat milk kefir (about 200ml).  I eat some chicken or other boiled meat around 8:30-9am, then I drink home made stock and fresh ginger and mint tea all day long. Lunch is blended soup, and dinner is clear soup (see photo). With boiled meat in between when I feel I’m getting hungry.

This may sound drastic but I am plagued by the fact that I cheated a little and tried to speed the process up. At least if I go back to the start and follow the rules to the letter, I know I’m healing sealing my gut lining good and proper. If all goes well, I’ll spend five days on each of steps one, two and three, then I’m going to hang around on step four for a few weeks. I’m going to take some time introducing everything super slowly, and enjoy the healing process more this time round.

I feel like I have learnt a lot about myself and my body whilst on GAPS so far. First and foremost, I know I have a tendency to go too long without eating, get really hungry then overeat to compensate. This simply has to stop because it’s an appalling example to set to the kids if nothing else. I’m becoming better at drinking stock or tea when I feel the urge to eat now, which is really agreeing with me (mentally if nothing  else).

My friend asked me yesterday what my vices were now – and I replied blogging/writing. I’ve got to have something right?!

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17 thoughts on “Back To The Start

  1. Fab read.. How are you feeling? It is amazing how your body reacts to being totally cleansed.. I gave up alcohol in Sep last year for health reasons along with a whole host of other things once you get into the swing it just becomes the norm your lifestyle.. God on you for doing this and i look forward to following you on your journey.. Claire x

    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment Claire. I started the prep for GAPS about two months ago now, and was on the intro diet from the last week of April through to the end of May. Then I moved onto Full GAPS, but looking back I rushed the last part of intro.

      Overall I felt fantastic, but I messed up the weekend before last by having a couple of glasses wine. I honestly didn’t realise the booze would have had such a detrimental effect, but I guess after such a thorough detox it makes perfect sense that it would. I’m also pleased that I found out early and can now be completely tee total indefinitely. Which I’m fine with. I felt it was appropriate to give up coffee at this point too, which has been more of a challenge.

      Going back to the start of the intro diet was the best thing I could have done, and now (day four) I’m feeling really good again. As I said in my post, this time round I’m going to enjoy the healing process rather than rush though it 🙂

    • Thanks hon, you certainly need willpower for GAPS! Just yesterday I had to forewarn my friend that I’ll be taking my own food and drinks to her hens tea party next weekend… her mates are going to think I’m such a weirdo xx

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    • Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I’m getting so much out of GAPS, it has been tough at points but overall I have felt great (which really helps with the will power) 🙂

  3. I think this sounds wise, and you are sounding very positive about it.  When I saw the title, I was worried for you and thought you might have seen last week as a set back.  But it seems quite the opposite – an opportunity.  Hope it goes well.


    • You’re so lovely worrying about me. It was tough earlier this week, but other factors were also at play. I’m back on track and feeling really good again now. Thanks so much for all your supportive comments, much appreciated 🙂

  4. Well done you on this and your honesty-I have PCOS so have to eat low GI meals and snacks often to regulate blood sugar, so interesting to learn how our bodies deal with food. Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

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