First days of the Full GAPS Diet

After a whole month of very limited eating, I felt ready to take the plunge and transition over to Full GAPS. To be honest there isn’t much difference between step six and Full GAPS, and eating wise I’ve kept things pretty simple and will continue doing so. It’s pretty much going to be meat, fish, veggies, salads, soups and a few treats for the foreseeable future. As well as continuing my supplements, probiotics and fermented foods.

As I mentioned last week, I get very hungry around 4:30/5pm when the girls are having their dinner, and unsurprisingly this is when I end up snacking (albeit on super healthy food). Today I tried something different, and ate a slightly smaller dinner than I would usually have with the girls then had a small bowl of green veg soup later on when hubby ate. I feel this will suit my needs so much better than snacking earlier and eating big later. When I first started cutting out sugar and processed food back in 2007 I would eat like this and have my last meal around 5pm. It worked well then so I don’t see why it shouldn’t now. It also means that rather than being in the kitchen doing, I’m sitting with the girls while they are eating, and that cannot be a bad thing 🙂

I went to a different farmers market on Saturday and happened upon a raw goat milk stall, which I was thrilled about. I’ve been tolerating goat milk kefir quite well, and raw organic milk is much preferable to its pasteurised alternative. I made some yoghurt which came out beautifully and tasted gorgeous, and have been making 2yo banana smoothies with it every morning which she’s been loving. I’ve got a little jar of yoghurt starter topped with milk in my warm kitchen, eagerly awaiting it to turn into curds and whey so I can have a crack at making cheese. I’ve also just come across this which claims you can make kefir from coconut milk. It may well be my solution to getting the good stuff into my 4yo, seems rather unfair that the person in my family needing its benefits the most can’t currently have it.

We’ve got a massively busy fortnight coming up – including two picnics, a pub lunch and three days of entertaining at home. It’s going to be very interesting to see how I fare up. Wish me luck!

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14 thoughts on “First days of the Full GAPS Diet

  1. Ooh good luck with all the meals out and entertaining hon! You have done brilliantly so far and its all just trying out what works best really isn’t it? I love that you don’t have sugar or processed foods – I’m not the worst in the world but I do eat a fair bit and I’m trying to be more healthy right now. X #AllAboutYou

    • Thanks my lovely. We had our first meal out since GAPS last night, and went to The Gourmet Burger Kitchen. It is one of the only places we know we can feed 4yo as their burgers are just meat and seasoning. They have a naked option which means you get a massive salad and home made, mayo-free coleslaw. I had my burger topped with mashed avocado making the whole meal GAPS friendly 🙂 it was soooooo good xx

  2. Well done, you are such an inspiration! And good luck for the weeks ahead. Following any kind of diet is hard when eating out and entertaining. You can do it! x

  3. I also get hungry at 4.30pm and think that this is a more natural time to eat – you’re starting to get tired and still need to get through the evening.  It’s just a question of being organised!  I think you have sorted out a good system, as you still get something later so you and hubby can eat together.  Snacks will keep you going and healthy is sensible but they’re not really a long term solution.


  4. You sound like you are doing really well and the new routine sounds like it suits you a lot better. I would be the same. I get so hungry at 4:30/5 when the kids eat and sometimes I try to hang on for Mr P eating but I can’t or end up eating twice which I don’t like. I hope it all goes well for you for full GAPS keep up the good work. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

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