Transitioning over to The Full GAPS Diet

I hosted lunch today for the first time since starting the diet, and apart from making my guests bread which I didn’t eat any of I had the same as everyone else. With no adverse effects at all. I was stoked! This is a huge relief as we are entertaining a lot over the next few weeks. I still drank a couple of cups of stock in between meals, and I’m being more mindful of everything I’m eating – which can’t be a bad thing.

I’m also finding that I have more control over my urges to eat than I did pre-GAPS. One of my biggest problems is that I get distracted with the kids, go past the peckish feeling and end up ravenously hungry. Then of course I want to eat everything in sight. Six weeks ago I would raid the fridge and eat anything I could lay my hands on, but now I’m properly thinking about the food I want to consume. Will this agree with me? Is it likely to make me feel ill? Should I have more nuts/egg, etc or is that just asking for trouble? Snacks have become goats milk kefir, fermented veg or boiled meat. My weakness is eating the girls scraps, although recently they haven’t been leaving many.

New foods today:
– raw salad and veggies
– bolognase with courgette and carrot strips (recipe to follow)
– pumpkin pie cupcake with icing (recipe to follow)

Tomorrow I think I’ll try having a mackerel salad for lunch, with mayonnaise and everything. Oh heaven 🙂





2 thoughts on “Transitioning over to The Full GAPS Diet

  1. Hey, I made mayonnaise tonight but I made a terrible mistake. I used quite an aromatic olive oil. Too much!! It was far too strong and I wasted the whole batch.

    I will know never to do that again – I was putting capers in anyway to go with salmon.

    It’s lovely to hear you are able to combine GAPS with entertaining.

    • Oh no, I’ve done that a couple of times but have kept it in the fridge and used it as salad dressing – looks awful though 😦

      Waitrose own brand light olive oil has worked best for me with this recipe. Hope it works for you next time!

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