GAPS Intro: A week on step four


My lunchtime salad

It’s been a great week overall. I’ve finally got to grips with the constant stock making, which is a big deal as I’m taking stock drinking really serious. Now I’ve found an inexpensive source for chicken carcasses at the farmers market, and am introducing more food I don’t constantly have whole pieces of meat being cooked. This also makes me happy, because it’s hard work. Step one – and a sense of how the hell am I going to pull this off? – already feels like a distant memory.

I’ve been working my way slowly through step four this week. Nuts seem to be completely fine, which is a huge relief. I’ve been eating amazing salads for lunch – which have simply been the meat from my stock or gravadlax at the beginning of the week, sauerkraut and avocado. I’ve enjoyed delicious bread made out of nuts, eggs and ghee. Freshly pressed carrot juice courtesy of my Vitamix. And huge bowls of clear soup in the evening, packed full of meat, veggies and fresh stock. Just looking at my dinner makes me feel healthy.

The vegetable medley from The GAPS Book was a success and tastes amazing. I’ve also been having kefir with goats milk, and seem to be tolerating that well. Upping my Bio-Kult to half a capsule seems fine too.

The main things I’ve noticed this week are:
– 2yo’s poo is definitely firming up
– my own poo feels more solid (sorry!)
– the girls’ appetites continue to grow
– I cannot remember the last time my skin looked this clear

Time to progress to step five, and add a little sweetness to my diet. I’ve already baked a little loaf and added some dates in preparation 🙂


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