GAPS Intro Diet: Halfway there


Here’s what a I had for breakfast today – a three ingredient grain free pancake that tasted like sheer heaven (recipe at the bottom of this post).

I’ve been on the GAPS intro diet for three weeks now, and will be progressing to step four of six tomorrow. This means I am halfway through it and happily, GAPS feels like a way of life already. Now I’ve got to grips with everything that needs to be done, I’m not finding it difficult or challenging.

Here’s what I’ve learnt so far:
– above all else, tune in and listen to your body. Everything from introducing Bio-Kult really slowly, to not over eating has been a learning curve for me. GAPS is all about knowing what is right for your body and when

– on the same note, don’t be overly paranoid about every single thing you’re eating otherwise you’ll drive yourself nuts

– never get caught short on stock, try and be at least a day ahead at all times

– look for ways to make GAPS easier on the pocket. Check out my farmers market post for what I’m doing

– quality is everything, spend a little more and get the best possible ingredients

– believe in the diet 100%, otherwise it just isn’t worth bothering at all

Pancake Recipe: 
2 eggs
Small piece of peeled courgette
2 tbsp cashew nuts

– whiz ingredients into a smooth batter
– allow to rest for 15 minutes
– heat oil/fat of choice (I used duck fat)
– fry as you would any other pancake


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