GAPS Intro: Step three, Day Six

I’m pleased to report another successful day. The almonds continue to not be a problem, and I’m really getting my appetite back. Decided to keep a food diary to ensure I’m not under eating, and I think it’s safe to say I’m not (see below)! I increased my probiotic Bio-Kult intake to half a capsule today, so will monitor that closely but so far so good. I picked up ten chicken carcases from the farmers market for stock making this week, for just £2.50 – really glad to have found a way to make GAPS a little easier on the pocket! I’ll try cashews tomorrow 🙂

Almond butter pancake – tbsp almond butter, tbsp ghee, 2 eggs
Large bowl of blended butternut squash and veg soup
3 tbsp Sauerkraut throughout the day
Whole avocado
Fair amount of meat from slow roast mutton casserole
6 small slices of salmon gravadlax
Soup with chicken stock, mutton and light veg
3 cups of stock throughout the day



2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step three, Day Six

  1. Delicious stuff – I think I’d be having to stop myself eating too much.  What a treat to have a whole avocado.


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