GAPS Intro: Step Three, Days Four & Five

I chickened out of trying nuts yesterday, just didn’t feel ready and was terrified I would react. It was a funny old day food wise, I wasn’t nearly as hungry as I have been this week. Perhaps more as a result of 4yo sleeping better than anything GAPS related though!

So I took the plunge this morning and had an almond butter pancake for breakfast (one egg and a tsp of almond butter fried in ghee). Not only was it surprisingly delicious, but I didn’t react. You have no idea how happy this makes me – nuts are a top allergen, and hopefully this is a sign that GAPS really is working.

I had a day out today with one of my very bestest ladies for her birthday – more on this for my Magic Moments post on Monday. It’s become a tradition for us to meet up without the kids for our birthdays and at Xmas. Usually we treat ourselves to decadent yummy food and bubbles but we did something different today, and still had an awesome time. Can’t beat the company of a BFF! 🙂


6 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Step Three, Days Four & Five

  1. Great news that you didn’t have a reaction! I agree – time out with a friend is definitely great for the spirit and probably the best medicine! I miss having the opportunity to spend one on one time with friends these days. X

  2. Great that you didn’t react. That’s really good news.

    Was it you who posted a recipe for nut roast? I can’t find it on my reader now 😦

    Looking forward to Monday’s post.

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