As it worked so well for me as a pre-curser to starting the diet, I removed all the girls’ grains and starches this week – essentially putting them onto Full GAPS. It’s important to remember that GAPS is not low/no carb, it is no processed carbs (including grains and refined sugar). The main thing I’ve noticed is that both of their appetites have sky rocketed, which is wonderful to see.

I also started sprinkling a teeny pinch of my Bio Kult onto their breakfast every morning, as I figure it’s best to get them started on the probiotics sooner rather than later. As it’s such potent stuff they’re only having around a tenth of a capsule at the mo, and I’ll build the dosage up over the coming weeks.

Although I had some resistance at first – especially from 2yo – as the week has progressed they’ve become much more accepting of what is put in front of them. Which just goes to show that a hungry child will eat what you give them if they know there is no alternative! The main things they’ve lost are pasta, rice and oats (and snacks like rice cakes and oat cakes). We’ve had a few tears and requests for porridge and rice milk mainly, but overall it’s been fine.

They’ve not been missing out by any stretch of the imagination though. Here’s what they’ve been eating…

Breakfast: coconut & almond pancakes; bacon; eggs; mushrooms; freshly pressed juices and fruit smoothies

Lunch: dinner leftovers from earlier in the week

Dinner: variation of meat, fish, green veg and root veg (usually cut very thin and roasted in coconut oil, thus becoming chips in the eyes of the kids)

Deserts: home made ice lollies; vegan ice cream; grain-free cakes and cookies (recipes to follow!)

Snacks: nuts, fresh fruit or dried fruit

I’m still keeping 4yo away from all dairy, but have been giving a little bit of home made yoghurt to 2yo here and there as well as ghee. After week one – so far so good 🙂

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10 thoughts on “GAPS Kids

  1. This is impressive and sounds like a lot of work, but well done for going all the way with this. Are the girls as full of energy as you on their new diet? x Mel

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