My word of the week: Energetic #WotW


At the moment my days routinely start at 5am. This is after a broken nights sleep feeding the baby, and often dealing with the girls night time antics too. I am then on my feet solidly for at least two hours getting things prepped for the day. After packing 4yo off to school, I usually take the little ones out somewere. Then when it’s school pick up time we come home, and I spend another couple of hours in the kitchen prepping food. This is all interspersed with breastfeeding, blogging, and dealing with post-ill stroppy kids. Sounds like a recipe for disaster right?

Actually not – I am full of energy! I will write a more detailed post another time, but cutting out all grains, starches and refined sugars has been a revelation to my well being. I am loving my new found clear-headed-ness. My brain is buzzing and overflowing with so many ideas, I can hardly write them down quick enough to capture.

I would urge anybody who is feeling the slump to give up refined sugars and processed carbs for one month. You might even be surprised and want to do it longer term 🙂

Seems fitting to make my word of the week: Energetic. What’s yours?

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25 thoughts on “My word of the week: Energetic #WotW

  1. I gave up refined sugars a while back too and have definitely got a lot more energy, usually in the first trimester I can’t help dozing off at least once during the day but that hasn’t happened this time. Oh and have you tried bee pollen? I’ve just started taking that and that gives me more energy too.

    • It’s a revelation Alex, I can’t recommend going refined-sugar free more! Funnily enough we got local bee pollen last year, mainly for hubby’s hay fever, and it made it worse. It put me off I have to say. Fab that it’s working for you though! Hope bump is coming along nicely 🙂

  2. It sounds like you have so much energy at the moment… it actually transpires in your posts to be honest, that’s brilliant! I could not do what you are doing with the diet but I am enjoying following your journey. x Mel

  3. ooh I am so pleased that your diet change is paying off and you are feeling so good! Really need some energy at the moment but I am still seriously craving refined sugars and carbs!! Have been feeling more energetic but am def in a slump today! #wotw

  4. Sounds like GAPS is working wonderfully! Reading about your positivity and energy makes me think maybe I should consider your suggestion and give up the refined sugars and carbs for a month… Would be an interesting experiment (and definitely healthier) if nothing else…

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