GAPS Intro: Day Five


After posting earlier about my super busy morning, the rest of the day was much more evenly paced. I’m feeling really good, and GAPS is already starting to become part of normal life. I’ve been drinking soup and stock all day, as well as plenty of water. I’m just about to have some chicken soup for my dinner, which smells amazing.

Although I’m already fairly conscientious GAPS is making me more so, and I’m getting a kick out of using every single scrap that comes off a piece of meat. For example my 1kg slab of pork belly which arrived this morning has been used for making stock, for delicious pulled-pork meat (enough for two meals worth), for making pork scratchings (which the girls went crazy over!) and left behind a small jars worth of cooking fat. Now that’s not bad value for £8 in my book.

My head is positively buzzing with ideas for recipes, so watch this space!



2 thoughts on “GAPS Intro: Day Five

  1. Well done! I couldn’t believe how busy your morning was so I am glad the rest of your day was less hectic. I am so pleased it is going well for you, keep it up lovely lady, you do find a moment or two to rest sometimes though, don’t you??! Xxx

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