Birthday Cake/Chocolate Fudge Cake (dairy & gluten free)


Something I have learnt recently is that especially when it comes to kids, you can’t please everyone and it’s best all round not to bother trying. Between keeping sugar intake to a minimum and the collective food intolerances of my little family, I have to be resourceful when it comes to catering en masse.

I made a lovely fudgey chocolate cake for my littlest’s birthday a few weeks back, and it was only rejected by two children out of a party of 25, complete success in my books! The cake itself is gluten and dairy free, and works well if you’re looking for a dense, fudgey chocolate sponge. With the added delight of sweet buttery icing, it’s a pretty yummy celebration cake. You could go one step further and decorate it too, and also double up the ingredients to make it two-tiered with extra icing in the middle… decisions decisions!

(cake) 4 free range eggs
150g brazil nuts
150g pecan nuts
150g desiccated coconut
200g dates
60g cocoa powder
400ml coconut milk
Tbsp olive or coconut oil for greasing
(optional icing) 100g softened butter – I use goats
2 tbsp cocoa powder
2 tbsp good quality honey

– preheat the oven to 170C fan/180C non-fan/350F/GM4, and grease a large cake tin or silicone mould with the oil

– whiz together all the cake ingredients in your blender or food processor on the highest setting for about thirty seconds, until you have thick shake consistency OR

– finely chop the nuts and dates, then add the cocoa powder. In a separate bowl whisk the eggs for a full minute until nice & fluffy, then gradually add the coconut milk. Combine well with the nuts and dates

– pour the batter into the tin or mould and bake for 40 mins

– when your cake is cooked and completely cool, mix together all the icing ingredients until smooth and spread over the top


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