Kid friendly choccie treats


Now that my little girl is off egg, making treats for her has been my new challenge. Don’t get me wrong, she doesn’t have chocolate every day, far from it but at the weekend when everyone else is tucking into a delicious cake, it would be unfair for her to not have anything. These little babies are a modified version of this, they’re a bit sweeter and I’ve left out the seeds. We had friends over for lunch and they were given the seal of approval by all the kids – aged 9, 4 & 3.

Ingredients (to fill 12 cupcake cases):
100g desiccated coconut
100g dates
100g pecans
40g 100% cocoa powder
Tbsp honey
100ml olive oil
50ml coconut oil

– either whiz all the ingredients together in your blender on the highest setting OR;

– grind the pecans and dates (or finely chop by hand), then mix in the coconut. In a separate bowl mix together the oils and cocoa until nice and smooth, then incorporate into the other bowl

– divide into cases and refrigerate for at least four hours


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