Breakfast of Champions


I love starting my day with this protein packed breakfast, as it usually keeps me going until lunchtime without the need to snack. If I’ve had a particularly difficult and sleep deprived night I’ll have two eggs instead of one.

large free range egg
tsp olive oil
4 mushrooms (peeled and quartered)
tomato (chopped into 16)
small avocado or half a large one
1 inch piece of natural chorizo (chopped into 16) – I love this

– drizzle the olive oil over the mushrooms and cook in a small saucepan with the lid on over a med-high heat for about two mins

– once they are cooked and have produced a bit of liquid, turn the heat down to med-low and add the chorizo and tomato. Cook for another few mins with the lid off

– turn the heat back up and add the egg. Give it a good whisk in the pan with a spoon, cook thoroughly and serve immediately with the avocado on the side


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