Whole slow roasted salmon and veggies

2012-12-02 13.24.10

We had friends over for lunch at the weekend, and although they’re usually huge carb fans managed to sway them to eat the way we do for a day. We had boiled eggs and bulletproof coffees for breakfast and roasted salmon & veggies for lunch. They loved it and have informed me since that they’ll be eating more like this in the future… and so another couple of primal converts are born! Here’s what I made for lunch.

Ingredients for four adults, two kids and loads of leftovers:
– 2kg responsibly sourced whole salmon
– 2 lemons (sliced into 4)
– 50g butter
– large aubergine (chopped into 8)
– 4 courgettes (chopped into 4)
– 1kg butternut squash (peeled, de-seeded and chopped into 8-12 chunks)
– 2 large red onions (peeled and quartered)
– 50ml extra virgin olive oil
– 50ml white wine vinegar
– salt & pepper

– preheat the oven to 140 degrees and place a large buttered piece of tin foil on a baking tray

– wash the fish and dry with kitchen towel, then place it in the middle of the tin foil. Stuff the cavity with one lemon, and place the other slices on top. Wrap tightly in the foil and place the tray on the bottom shelve of the oven

– on a separate tray put all the chopped veg and douse in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Place this tray on the higher shelve in your oven

– bake for two hours

– unwrap the salmon and season the skin to taste, I just use fresh black pepper as I find salmon salty enough. Swap the trays so the salmon is at the top of the oven and turn the heat up to 190. Cook for10-15 mins for deliciously crispy skin

– serve on large platters and let everyone help themselves



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