Beetroot soup

We had a lovely large beetroot in our veg box last week, which I turned into a delicious and very substantial soup for lunch yesterday. It was so simple to make and really hit the spot. I love soup in winter time, absolutely can’t get enough of it 🙂

Ingredients for one xl bowl or two smaller ones served with bread:
– large beetroot (approx 200g); peeled, washed and cut into one inch cubes
– med red onion; peeled & quartered
– 2 lge or 4 sml cloves of garlic; left in their skin
– 300ml hot veg stock
– tbsp sesame oil
– tsp soya sauce (or tamari for GF)

– pre-heat the oven to 190/180 fan asst.
– mix the sesame oil and soya sauce together in a large bowl
– put the beetroot, onion and garlic into the bowl and coat well with the oil and soya
– place the veg onto a baking tray, cover with tin foil and roast for 45 mins
– remove from the oven, put the beetroot and onion into the blender and cover with the hot stock
– squeeze the garlic out of the hard skin, put into the blender as well
– leave for 5 mins to cool a little, this also allows the veg to soak up all the stock
– blend until smooth and serve immediately


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